Monday, January 31, 2011

Quote for today!

Follow your own path because once you follow another's path you become a follower meaning that the person will always stay ahead of you and you will always be behind them,because you don't see whats ahead of you. All you see is their rear-end. Is that your FUTURE? -Edy Gyang

 Learn to do your own thing,conformity is just not the way to go!
   It's your choice do you want to follow the pack or lead the pack?

"Leaders go down in history,followers only make brief cameos. " -Edy Gyang

Don't follow man follow God!


Yezzy Taught me: G.O.O.D M.U.I.S.C

So I'm a huge fan of Kanye West maybe more than some,I'm a fan even though people consider him to be a Narcissist. I'm a fan of his craft,his swagger, his ability to massacre a beat,his self-evident confidence in his  craft,and his lyrical candidness.His latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has to be one of his greatest albums apart from his first CD The College Dropout in my opinion. My favorite tracks are Blame Game,  All of the Lights,and So Appalled. I could give a review,but it wouldn't be the same as getting the album yourself it's just unexplainable! Also this album has some great collaborations: Elton John,Beyonce,Alica Keys,Big Sean,and Jay-z, its definitely worth it. Downloading is just not the same as actually getting the CD. -This message is brought to you by a die hard Yezzy fan! #YEZZYTAUGHTME Good Music!

One of my favorite lines from the album
"I just needed time alone with my own thoughts, got treasures in my mind/ But couldn't open up my vaults ... Reality is catching up with me/ Taking my inner child/ I'm fighting for custody." - Kanye West : Power

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Problems: Brighter Days Approaching!

There are times we complain about our problems,and we run around wishing we were in another persons shoes.Ask yourself Can I walk a mile in their shoes, can I step into their world and take on their problems? I'm not saying life is peachy-keen, problems are sure to arise, but they are all meant to teach us a lesson. Take Tyler Perry a man who once lived in his car, a man who had no place to rest his head at night. He did not give up, one thing he had in mind was a dream! His dream has led him to multi-millions! Remember after the rain the sun will shine and a brighter day! 

"If we all took our problems and threw them in pile we would be quick to pick ours right back up, there is always someone going through a harsher situation than yours! SO LIVE UR LIFE.....! "-Edy Gyang

"Weeping may endure for a night,but joy cometh in the morning." -Psalm 30: 5

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Beginning !

So it's 10:39 at night on January 29,2011! I'm writing my first blog. My name is Edwige Gyang "Edy" for short, I've been contemplating on starting a blog for the longest, today I got up the courage to actually start. For a while complacency had plagued me,but I actually decided to be a "doer" and not a "sayer" This blog is my new beginning! I 'll be expressing myself through quotes,poetry, music and other things I like. It is my passion to uplift at least one person everyday with my words and other edi-fy-ing things!