Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight- Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra, Lonny Breaux

I might be a little late on this,but I'm so loving Frank Ocean and the type of music he does.I don't think I can place this young man in a genre,his sound is so different.Recently I've been listening to Nostalgia,Ultra mixtape,and I haven't stopped yet. Frank Ocean whose actual name is Lonny Breaux moved from New Orleans to L.A to pursue a career in music where he meet up with Odd Future.I'm not the biggest fan of Odd Future,but they are different.Ocean has written songs for Justin Beiber,Brandy,and 
he's also working with Nas,and Beyonce! He gives me Prince/Marvin Gaye vibes.....! #Opinion 

This mixtape right here is so good,it has the quality of an album....! My favorite tracks on this mixtape are Novacane,We All Try,Swim Good,American Wedding,and obviously Songs For Women!  Industry politics suck Def Jam needs to get it together. Here's a link and a for the mixtape.Check it out! Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra. - NoDJ      

Here's another great mixtape from Frank Ocean this one came out before Nostalgia,Ultra. I love Acura Integurl,Denim,Done,Greedy Love, and maybe all 64 tracks!