Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poetry:Darkness is only a figment of the imagination


                                THE ABYSS         
The Abyss....All the human eye sees is a dark pit,never ending hell and no one to heal the heart.The abyss a place where those who try and climb out have,evil clinging on to their heels,trying to hold on and pull them down. They scream,they scream while in the abyss.Wondering why the only one who can hear them in the abyss is themselves. Never looking up to see, they look around in the darkness of the abyss. Yelling if anyone is there. A Shriek of noise scurries in the darkness of the abyss. They realize if there is nothing in the abyss..The evil can only come from one place and it is within them,it is the fear they carry around. This stops them from looking up and seeing a light. The abyss is only a figment of the imagination! Now open your eyes!