Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quote: Dreamkillers

People always try to dismantle your dreams because they know you can turn them into reality. It's part of life. Don't allow nay sayers to determine how your life should turn out.Dreaming is  beautiful,continue to do so.If you stop and you quit pursing your dreams and goals. Life will turn into a nightmare,and all the nay sayers will enjoy your demise.-Edy Gyang
Kanye West-Dreamkillers unreleased track from his College Dropout CD 2007.This song is a great example of how people try to down you and your dreams! It's up to you to prove them wrong! 

My favorite lines from this song:
They told my momma I was bipolar had A.D.D.
I told em, w-what I wanna do, I wanna be a baller. The dream spoilers will fool ya......They are the virus that corrupts the soul.They are the cubic zirconia inside the 10 karat gold....You gotta wash ya hands of em, get clean on em. Somebody told me success is the best revenge

Will you let them kill your dreams or will you make your dreams reality?